Zu-Lais Logistics and Consulting (Zu-Lais) is a company established in Kenya after an extensive and exhaustive market study, research and trend observation within the East African region and Africa as a whole in the key areas we operate. Our major focus being provision of results & solutions-oriented strategies that shield operators and investors from loss making thus injecting value addition into their multi-billion dollar projects.

Zu-Lais gathers its ideal experience from all over Africa particularly from Agbami and Bonga fields in Nigeria, the TEN project in Ghana, Foukanda, Zatchi, Ikalou fields in the Republic of Congo through Walvis Bay in Namibia to Angola and down to the East African gas blocks in Mtwara (Tanzania) and finally from our own nascent oilfields in Turkana (Kenya).

However, Zu-Lais further draws its operations exposure from various projects and Exploration and Production (E&P) activities in Angola, Mozambique, Zambia, Mongolia, Norway, Brazil, USA, UK, Finland and the Middle East.

We’re composed of broadly experienced, highly trained and educated individuals ranging from legal & tax experts, geologists, operation managers, drilling & petroleum engineers, certified accountants, insurance underwriters & loss prevention managers, marine engineers, licensed surveyors amongst other highly sought expertise in the areas we operate.

Our core support service functions cut across Oil & Gas E&P (Offshore & Onshore), Mining, Maritime, Renewable Energy, Construction, Water and WASH (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene).

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