(Geothermal, Wind & Solar)

In this sector, we have partnered with international companies particularly manufacturers (of renewable energy products such as Solar PV panels, solar lanterns etc.) and consulting firms in drafting concept notes and financial models that best meet the market demand especially consumer needs and preferences.

Our main objective is to alleviate poverty conditions across the continent through provision of innovative systems that boost agricultural production resulting to food security.

Besides providing governments/communities with lighting solutions, such as sustainable street lighting ,we have a special focus in powering local hospitals to improve efficiency and curb mortality rates as a result of inadequate power supplies ,we further dedicate our services to enhance lighting impoverished communities in order to ensure schooling children are not affected by lack of electricity.

Our services include.

  • Concept note drafting/financial modelling
  • Feasibility study
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment/ESIA study
  • Land acquisition support
  • Capacity building trainings on land rights and environment
  • Community engagement and consultation
  • Policy review/legal drafting in relation to land compensation
  • Technical design and review (medium – large scale) wind & solar projects
  • Solar PV supply