Maritime industry remains a significant player in the growth and integration of regional economies in Africa. Our services range from Vessel Chartering Agency, Vessel Insurance and Lay-Up Management, Marine Consultancy and Survey Services, Port Management, Provision & Inspection of HSE equipment on board vessels, Placement of Seafarers, Seafarers Legal Support and Processing Claims.

Vessel Chartering Agency

Zu-Lais comprehensively understands the importance, requirements and level of urgency chartering entails. From arrangement for provision of Platform Supply Vessels (PSV), Tugs & Barges; to supply of Multi-Purpose Supply Vessels (MPSV), Crew Boats and all types of heavy lifting equipment and cranes.

We have partnered with major vessel owners with massive fleet giving our clients a database to choose from that meets both their budgets and project requirements.

Vessel Insurance and Lay-Up Management:

At Zu-Lais, we have tailor made solutions that suit every client’s insurance need. Our affordable and industry-accepted pool of insurance premiums from our underwriters allow you to pick the best product for the vessel, cargo, project and/or personnel. Apart from insuring your vessels, we offer yet another crucial service; lay-up management.

Loss prevention is therefore our priority for any investor calling on us in this sector. This is where our experts precisely step in to turn around hardship into opportunities. Vessel lay-up is one of our loss prevention strategies. Why pay unnecessary & costly insurance premiums whilst your vessels are out of business? Our underwriters are just a phone call away to take you through vessel lay-up procedure.

Marine Consultancy and Survey Services.

From overseeing contractual obligations on complex marine construction projects to survey of vessels & barges and certifying bulk towage arrangements, our licensed senior marine engineers and surveyors make sure client projects are a success.

Zu-Lais also provides protection & indemnity surveys, vessel valuation, class application & renewal.

Port Management

Our experts together with our technical partners have extensive knowledge and exposure implementing port management assignments including port modelling, fleet & traffic management and software installation & integration management.

Provision and Inspection of HSE equipment onboard vessels.

Crew safety is Zu-Lais’ pride. We don’t only stop at vessel HSE inspection but also extend our expertise into provision of quality HSE equipment as listed below:

Life Rafts, Portable & Trolley Extinguishers, Fixed CO2 system cylinders liquid level reading plus full system check, SCBA & diving bottles, BA apparatus set, EEBD/ELSA…e.g escape bottles, fixed dry chemical powder system check & actuator weighing, Hydro test for CO2, BA, EEBD bottles & extinguishers, fixed foam chemical system check in valves, pipes etc.

Seafarers Club (All crew)

Seafarers’ certification & placement

Vessel crew (from Captain, CO, CE to an AB) are entitled to industry recommended salary rates. Employers will feel obliged to meet your salary demands when they know all your maritime papers are up to date. Zu-Lais takes you through your certification path hassle free, our maritime experts will have one on one session with you to ensure your documents meet industry requirements. On completion of this process, our firm will put you through to potential employers.

Job protection & legal support

-Vessel crew encounter harsh working conditions including deliberate denial of job contracts by employers, inadequate payment that disregards maritime authorities set standards. Mistreatment in line of duty during international voyage/charter and worse of all, exposure to long periods without pay and sometimes wrongful dismissal from work. Zu-Lais is well informed of these hardships thus willing to stretch out a helping hand.

Processing claims

We do process employment claims on your behalf. Be it contract related for example wrongful dismissal or accident claims. Our legal team is there to guide you without jeopardizing your job.

Members’ social welfare and networking

-Vacation arrangement & peer social meetings on sign off

-Membership card acceptable with hospitals, airlines & reputable hotels

Opportunity for career development

As maritime experts, we understand market trends, industry requirements and employer needs. Our partnership with certifying bodies makes it convenient for you to access the tools & knowledge demanded in your profession. Come speak to us and will guide you through your career ladder advancement.

Other services in the Maritime industry include;

  • Contract management for charters (maritime law interpretation)
  • Dispute resolution or arbitration between vessel owners and clients
  • Vessel incident/accident management (including filing for compensation)
  • IMO /other regulatory guidelines implementation advisory
  • Advisory on environmental & marine life protection initiatives