Zu-Lais is rapidly gaining industry recognition in the fields of water resources engineering, water conservation and water demand & supply management (production, storage & distribution), including Non-Revenue Water /NRW reduction. Our firm provides unmatched quality services to ensure implementation and sustainability of projects while factoring the safety of the environment.

Through a dedicated water engineering, urban planning including buildings and water systems, we offer both short, medium and long-term solutions required for effective management of the already strained resource.

Some of our services include;

  • Provision of governance advisory and support for management of water services boards.
  • Training and transfer of technology
  • Conduct review/audit on water production, storage & transmission methods, financial management training, prevention of water loss strategies including finding & fixing leaks etc.
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment/ESIA study
  • Consultancy services for review and update of resettlement action plans (RAP).
  • Consultancy services for feasibility studies, preliminary and detailed designs, supervision and coordination of water project constructions such as dams, pipelines etc.
  • Social Impact Assessment /SIA of downstream impacts of collector tunnel projects.
  • Flood management