Our consultants in this sector range from agricultural scientists (agronomists), researchers, financial advisors to livestock and aquaculture experts.
We work closely with relevant stakeholders including farmers, governments, financial institutions, research and policy institutes in developing Africa’s agricultural landscape and boosting the economic benefits of the farm produce while improving livelihoods.
Our services include;

  • Guide farmers in the best use of their resources through investigation and diagnosis of problems
    identified by them through extension support.
  • Provide up-to-date marketing and business management information for farm produce.
  • Help with marketing problems to facilitate linkages between farmers and buyers.
  • Compile and analyze data on farm enterprise profitability and generate extension information to
    disseminate to farmers, financial institutions/lenders, research institutes.
  • Conduct research/survey studies on socio-economic factors impacting food security including
    market trends, farming methods and patterns, industry incentives etc.
  • Conduct technical and financial capacity building training especially for women and youth in
  • Modelling and analysing economic feasibility of sustainable farming practices.
  • Conducting training workshops related, but not limited to, sustainable farming, composting, and
    agriculture’s impact on agriculture on the environment for different target groups.
  • Assess the financial position of farm businesses/SMEs for financing appraisal.
  • Assist with cash flow budgeting and financial planning of farm businesses/SMEs.
  • Facilitating the planning, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of service provision in agricultural
    innovation and development involving all stakeholders.