At Zu-Lais , our methodologies are interwoven with industry benchmarks for instance (The Minamata Convention, The Equator Principles etc.) and our consultants (who are active members at various policy institutes or think tanks ) are highly reputable and experienced experts across the globe and particularly within the African continent where we have a special focus. This unique combination of tools streamlines our scope of work ensuring investor and host government interests are met, and regulatory compliance is prioritized in each entrusted mandate right from exploration, appraisal, field development, mine development to production and decommissioning.

As a firm we embrace and advocate for policies dedicated to improving the livelihoods of the indigenous people, youth and women in mining or other sectors and their rights such as access to land and mining concessions, the position of artisanal and small-scale mining /ASM and a mutual coexistence with the large-scale mining/LSM counterparts.

Alongside other front runners, we have signed binding policies and dedicated our efforts and resources towards their successful implementation. Such policies include the Stakeholder Statement on Implementing Gender-Responsive Due Diligence and ensuring the Human Rights of women in Mineral Supply Chains prepared by the Women’s Rights in Mining together with the OECD Secretariat. (

We also work closely with governments, institutions and stakeholders geared at developing the industries we operate in.