Local Content

Local Content can be defined as the value retained within the local economy as a consequence of the activities of the extractives sector. We can measure this by the level of income received by locals at every stage of the value chain, by the revenue earned by owners of resources and goods and by the income streams to local finances, both equity and debt.

Zu-Lais boasts an incredible experience in the implementation of Local Content within the African terrain and across major industries such as agriculture, renewable energy, mining etc. We have successfully and satisfactorily offered oversight in 10 plus LC projects for International Oil Companies (IOCs).

Our involvement in your operations is a prime opportunity to help in boosting the economy through strengthening the linkages between local companies and the international companies who are participating in the extractive industries along the value chain and by creating a pool of reliable skilled personnel needed to effectively manage respective industry projects.

Drill ship/Rig Importation and Operations

Temporary importation of drilling equipment such as drill /rig ships and inventory need proper documentation to allow timely approval by respective customs and/or tax authorities.

Our legal and tax experts have got the expertise to take you through what it would otherwise been a long, tedious and costly exercise.

One of the most frustrating operator experiences is getting approval for importation/re-exportation of drilling equipment within the most suitable timeframe as the drilling campaign program may entail.

To avoid fines, penalties and /or standby charges from the state and contractors respectively, compliance is a must. At Zu-Lais, we ensure your operations are 100% compliant by taking you through crucial requirements and offering pro -active advisory before, during and after any drilling campaign.

Block Acquisition and Relinquishment.

From negotiating with investors, governments, financial institutions IOCs and/ or NOCs, Zu-Lais has a dedicated and qualified team to conduct with utmost integrity both block acquisition and relinquishment.

With our industry reputation that has been achieved through commendable work; we assure our clients a hustle free period when it comes to block acquisition. Our dedicated team shall offer you with absolutely any legally obtainable information you require -including geological survey data such as seismic data acquisition (2D/3D shooting), well log data etc, and general history of the block (s).

No operator wishes to end up with a commercially unfeasible well or worst enough hit a dry well given huge sums of money invested. And when it does happen, relinquishment becomes a preferred option.

Whichever case, Zu-Lais understands operator decisions thus would strive to walk them through this engaging and compliance demanding period. We’ll review your OML/OPL and advice accordingly with benchmark from statutory, regulator and industry standards

Drilling Inventory/Materials.

Purchase, shipment and transportation of drilling inventory from manufacturers yards to the drilling sites; rank among the top costly items in the operators’ financial books. Renting equipment only offers a mere relief and is only applicable to tools and equipment that are not abandoned into drilling wells.

To make it more resource demanding most governments/regulators require an operator to have 3 sets of drilling inventory (i.e. strategic, operational & a backup set) before spudding is allowed. At Zu-Lais, we offer our clients with reliable alternatives that cushion them against such high inventory costs.

We have more than 10 drilling inventory suppliers (ISO certified) who are ready to deliver supplies at fair prices and friendly terms with industry accepted and quality approved standards. On top of this, we have a multi-user facility & equipment agreement with operators that allow sharing/lease of equipment/inventory and personnel under fair terms.

Placement of key Personnel.

At Zu-Lais, we don’t treat placement of personnel as business but as an alternative to cushion operators and investors from higher expatriate cost burden as well build local capacity.

We have a pool of qualified and certified local professionals ranging from geoscientists, drilling engineers, petroleum engineers, reservoir engineers, subsurface & completions engineers, marine engineers, material specialists, in house tax accountants, crane operators, truck drivers, and maintenance technicians among others.

Other unique services we offer within the Oil & Gas industry include;

  • Bidding parameters advisory
  • Transactional advisory including Farm in/out, JV/JOA, Cash Billing/Cash Calls, Merger & Acquisitions.
  • Policy review and legal drafting
  • Project finance advisory services/Project-related corporate loans
  • Commissioning/decommissioning strategy