Bubala Chibbonta

Senior Advisor-Policy Review & Legal Drafting (Zambia & Southern Africa)

Bubala is a qualified advocate of the High Court of Zambia and holder of the current practicing certificate. She has vast knowledge spanning over 15 years in civil litigation, criminal law, human rights and legislative drafting. She has further provided advice to various government ministries, departments and has drafted various key pieces of legislation as well as statutory instruments or regulations.

Ms. Chibbonta holds dual Post Graduate Certificates in Legislative Drafting from the Ghana Bar Association in collaboration with the Commonwealth Secretariat and the second one from the Zambia Institute of Advanced Legal Education. On top of these, she holds a Masters Degree in Human Rights and Democratization in Africa (LLM), University of Pretoria, South Africa and a Bachelor of Laws (LLB University of Zambia, Lusaka). She further possesses a Legal Practitioners’ Qualification Examination Certificate (LPQEC), Lusaka Zambia.

She has also completed various professional short courses aligned to her work including a short course in International Law, Socio-Economic Rights, Forced Migration and Human trafficking, European Project Cycle Management Training Programme, all from the University of Pretoria, South Africa.

Bubala is currently the Deputy Chief Parliamentary Counsel in the Ministry of Justice in the Republic of Zambia. Among her core responsibilities include; drafting legislation for presentation into parliament , drafting Statutory Instruments or regulations ,rendering legal advice to various Government Ministries and statutory bodies, appearing before various select committees of Parliament to present and explain Bills that have been brought before Parliament , attending Board Meetings as a member of various Boards to represent the Attorney General ,drafting various State Party reports to the various Bodies and Committees of the United Nations, representing the Government of the Republic of Zambia and the Attorney General at various international meetings.

Prior to this, she worked as a state advocate in the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions currently known as National Prosecutions Authority and as in-house counsel at the Food Reserve Agency and a consultant for quasi Government institutions and the Government to assist in drafting legislation.