John Chacha Jr.

Chief Executive Officer

John Chacha Jr. is a member at the Global Institute of Internal Auditors and a CIA Finalist. He has (for over 8 years) held key positions within the Accounting, Finance, Internal Control & Compliance departments in the Oil & Gas Exploration and Production (for major IOCS); working closely with the senior management, legal counsel, external auditors, regulators & government authorities. His experience also cuts across operations, allowing him to knowledgeably present an accurate analysis of the industry activities.

John has since 2012 worked on different drilling campaigns across the African terrain & abroad (Nigeria, Ghana, Republic of the Congo, Angola, Tanzania & Kenya being his major jurisdictions). His ideal exposure (working on more than 30 E&P projects within & outside JV operations, gives him solid understanding on JV /PSA/PSC agreements & stakeholder /government relations) in diverse and complex tax regimes.

He has also previously worked for a major Marine Construction & Maritime company in Mombasa, Kenya with operations in the UK, South Africa, Singapore, Mauritius, Mozambique, Tanzania among other regions.

With his Co-Founders & Partners, John has established a growing Renewable Energy portfolio with a special focus in Solar PV installations, geothermal & wind-with a common objective; to improve the economies and livelihoods in Africa through provision of food security by use of agritech systems.